Connecto Estonia and Merko Infra to begin laying sea cable in Väike Väin

Connecto Estonia and Merko Infra to begin laying sea cable in Väike Väin

The new Elering-commissioned 110-kilowolt voltage cable line being laid in the Väike Väin, the strait between the Saaremaa and Muhu islands, will considerably increase the electrical supply security of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa islands, which to date have been dependent entirely on the Väike Väin overhead power lines.

In the future, the new sea cable will allow Elering to reduce the number of high voltage lines located on the strait dam by half and rearrange the remaining power lines in a way that will make them more visible to birds.

The total length of the new Väike Väin 110-kilowolt cable line from Muhu island to the new Orissaare substation will be 6.7 kilometres, 4.7 kilometres of which will be submarine. The thickness of the sea cable is 190 millimetres and the weight is 67 kilograms per metre.

According to the plans, the construction works for the new cable line next to the strait dam will begin this summer – the digging work on the mainland will begin in June and the sea digging will hopefully begin in the second half of July.

The cable will be placed on the seabed from a special ship as one long cable; it will have no straight joints. A fibre optic communication cable will be placed on the seabed together with the new electric cable. During installation, the cable will be drafted in the seabed in order to reduce the risk of damage from anchors, moving ice and other external influencers.

Elering will invest 5.4 million euros in the new sea cable connection. The construction works are being jointly carried out by Connecto Estonia AS and Merko Infra AS. The project contract is due for completion by the end of 2020.

By the end of 2020, a new sea cable will also be constructed in the Suur Väin, where two old and worn 35-kilowolt sea cables between Rõuste and Tusti substations will be replaced with one new 110-kilowolt sea cable.

The first modern 110-kilowolt electric sea cable was laid by Elering between the mainland and Muhu island in 2015. That cable has supplied all of Muhumaa, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa with electricity.

Source: Saaremaa Teataja