Geodetic surveying for category D gas installations: gas pipelines, linevalve and branchvalve stations, cathode stations, gas stations and data communications cables.

Topo-geodetic surveys and as-built surveying.

Preparing a geodetic base plan for renovation of the streetlighting infrastructure in the town of Kohila and adjoining villages for the design and construction of the luminaires to be renovated.

Geodetic surveying and presentation of data for a buried high-voltage DC cable about 9 km in length.

Geodetics for the renovation of the streetlighting in city of Haapsalu.

Modernisation of the traffic control system for the western Harju County rail lines (Tallinn-Keila-Paldiski, Klooga-Kloogaranna and Keila-Riisipere) and design of a fibre-optic backbone line in cooperation with the Finnish company Mipro Oy.

Preliminary design of fiber optical network for 1300 households in Järvakandi, Kohila, Hagudi, Kehtna, Märjamaa, Karinu and Ülejõe districts

Design of communications networks and infrastructures owned by communications operators and individuals all over Estonia (communications lines, outdoor cabinet, PON networks, wireless communications masts, etc.).

Design of an optical cable network based on microduct system (over 2,000 km) including the Hiiumaa-Vormsi and Noarootsi-Vormsi submarine cables.

Replacement of the Järve-Endla and Veskimetsa-Endla 110 kV overhead lines in Tallinn with buried cables, preparation of working drawings.