Gas networks

2022/Elering AS/ Construction of LNG floating terminal with onshore and offshore pipeline linking quays

Construction of gas reception capacity for a floating liquefied natural gas terminal (FSRU) in Paldiski. In the onshore part, we built 365 meters of DN500 pipeline, a technological by-pass and two valve nodes. In the offshore section, we installed 740 meters of DN500 pipe in the pre-dredged seabed and connected a quay pipeline with subsea flanged connections. In addition to the subsea and onshore lines, we installed parallel high-voltage and communications composite cables. On the quayside we installed SDV (Shut Down Valve) and HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) gas technology equipment, built DN300 and DN500 connection piping. At the quay substation, we carried out the installation of transformers, internal electricity, heating, ventilation, surveillance, gas detectors and lighting. The scope of construction also included the preparation and erection of the MLA platform. The high quality of the completed works was confirmed by appropriate tests, pipeline pressure tests and pilot tests.

2021/Elering AS/Construction works of the probe launcher/receiver station for a gas transmission network

The constructed receiver station assembly consists of a probe launcher chamber, a DN200 purge stack and a pipeline that connects them. In addition, the assembly contains several taps as well as verification and measuring devices. There is a device in front of the probe chamber that can be used both to insert the probe into the chamber and to remove it. The underground part of the probe assembly is covered with an insulating coating and the above-ground part with three-layer paint. All outlets from the ground are specially insulated, which eliminates the temperature-based load on the pipe insulation. 

During the construction work, we delivered equipment, structures and materials, performed assembly works, and carried out the necessary settings and tests. 

The completed receiver station enables diagnostic work on the Tallinn-Jõhvi and Tallinn-Vireš natural gas transmission pipelines.

2020-2021/Elering AS/Reconstruction of Veriora gas distribution station

During the construction of the gas distribution station in Veriora, Põlvamaa County, we demolished the existing old gas distribution station, designed and delivered the necessary equipment, and erected a new building for the gas distribution station. The gas equipment of the new station was manufactured by the Dutch company Krohne; the installation of the equipment was carried out on-site, along with performing the control, automation and electrical works. The installed devices are controlled by intelligent control, assistance and verification systems.