Connecto maintains Telia’s external data communications networks in Northern, Western and Central Estonia. The maintenance contract also includes small-scale construction works and the construction of customer connections. In 2015, Telia began building large-scale PON networks. In the course of the project, a copper network was replaced with a fiber optic network, and a fiber optic network is also being built in newly developed areas. As part of this project, Connecto has connected a ready-to-use fiber optic network to over 6,000 addresses. At the same time, Telia has modernised the copper cable network in order to increase its internet speed. In the course of this project, Connecto has installed an average of 25 storage cabinets per year and split-connected them to the associated copper cable network. Connecto also contributes to the construction of Telia’s fiber optic trunk network. In 2021, Connecto laid a fiber optic cable route of approx. 30 km from Jõhvi to Narva.

Connecto has been a long-standing construction and maintenance partner of ELA SA. We manage and maintain more than 6,000 km of fiber optic data communication network based on the ELA SA Microdukt system across Estonia as a whole. A large part of this network, amounting to 2,700 km, has been designed and built by Connecto. In 2021, ELA SA started the construction of “Last Mile” networks. Connecto has built and designed a fiber optic cable for 1,000 addresses in Harjumaa, Raplamaa and Pärnumaa counties within the framework of this project. The access network is also managed and maintained by Connecto. In addition, we are partners of ELA SA in selecting the locations of mobile communication masts and in the management and care of the masts and the associated infrastructure.

Since 2019, we have been carrying out fiber optic network construction works for Enefit Connect and have created a connection option for more than 3,000 addresses in Harjumaa, Viljandimaa, Pärnumaa, Raplamaa, Järvamaa, Saaremaa and Ida-Virumaa counties. In the course of the project, the possibility of connection to high-speed internet has been created for customers in regions of market interruption.

2019-2022 In cooperation with Mipro Oy, we have contributed to the modernisation of the traffic control system of Lääne-Harjumaa railway lines. As part of the project, we have built signalling and security systems for Klooga and Keila railway stations, installed signalling devices at Klooga, Kulna, Klooga-Ranna and Niitvälja crossings, and installed fiber optic cables on Keila-Klooga, Klooga-Paldiski and Keila-Vasalemma-Riisipere routes. Since 2020, Connecto has been an infrastructure-wide partner for cable network maintenance and emergency works for Eesti Raudtee all over Estonia.