By winter, the quayside gas technology, including the quayside substation and the onshore and offshore pipeline linking the quays, was completed to receive gas from the LNG floating terminal

One of Connecto’s most high-profile projects in 2022 was the construction of the gas reception capacity for the Liquefied Natural Gas Floating Terminal (FSRU) in Paldiski. This project, with an exceptionally short construction period, started in May 2022 and was handed over to the contractor on schedule by the end of November 2022. In addition to being the first time that such reception capacity was built in Estonia, it was also a world record in terms of construction speed – such a complex gas connection has never been built anywhere in such a short time.

The construction was split into three phases. For the onshore part, we built 365 metres of DN500 pipelines, a technological by-pass and two line valve stations. The construction work had to be carried out on a working gas pipeline, which was at the same time Finland’s only source of natural gas. In the offshore section, we installed 740 metres of DN500 pipe in the pre-dredged seabed and connected a quay pipeline with subsea flanged connections. In addition to the undersea and onshore lines, we installed parallel high-voltage and communications composite cable. On the quay, we installed SDV (Shut Down Valve) and HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) gas technology equipment, and built DN300 and DN500 connection pipework. In the quay substation, we carried out the installation of transformers, internal electricity, heating, ventilation, surveillance, gas detectors and lighting. The scope of construction also included the preparation and erection of the MLA platform. The high quality of the completed works was confirmed by appropriate tests, pipeline pressure tests and inspections.

The infrastructure we have constructed is ready to receive gas from the LNG floating terminal.

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