Connecto is reconstructing the Paide-Kiisa 330 kV high voltage line

AS Connecto Eesti and Elering AS have signed a construction contract for the reconstruction of the Paide-Kiisa 330 kV high voltage line. The works will result in an increase of the reliability of the high voltage network and the capacity of the high voltage line, and will improve the possibilities for adding new renewable energy production capacities in Western Estonia and the islands.

In the course of the project, the existing masts and wires will be replaced. The Paide-Rapla 110 kV power line will also be partially installed on the masts of the aerial line being renewed. This allows for the final disassembly of 15 km of 110 kV lines and frees a large amount of land owned by landowners from restrictions related to the line. The 70 km reconstructed overhead line passes through the counties of Harju and Järva. The new line will be carried by approximately 200 masts, which the reconstruction works will leave in their current places. The works also include reconstructing the 110 kV feed leading to Paide substation. In total, approximately 150 km of optical ground wire, 700 km of new cables, 35,000 new insulators and 2,500 tons of metal for the construction of the masts will be delivered and installed for the construction of the new line.

The contractual cost of the works is approximately 25 million euros. The first year will be spent on design works, and the construction activities of the Paide-Kiisa line will begin in January 2025 and will last until June 2026.

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